Finance Department



When it comes to buying a vehicle in Golden, the financials are often the most daunting part. As difficult as it may seem to figure out exactly how you are going to pay for it, our financial team at Kicking Horse Ford is ready to help you find the solution that fits into you and your family’s budget. We want to help you get into a new Ford today. So, whether you’re paying cash or choosing financing or leasing, our amazing financial team can walk you through every step.

In our promise to you we state “transparency through every interaction”. One of the biggest places this needs to be upheld is during the finance process. We want to tell you every number, calculation and additional cost. We are open with you about everything that we are doing so you can have peace of mind when you finance a vehicle with us at Kicking Horse Ford!


If you want to purchase a vehicle, then financing is an amazing option. Over time you can pay off your loan and in the end, will own your new Ford vehicle. With financing you’ll get monthly/biweekly/weekly payments which let you create a financial plan, budget, build credit and pay off your new Ford vehicle over time. Financing a new Ford vehicle in Golden like the F-150, Focus or Super duty couldn’t be easier! Let our team at Kicking Horse Ford walk you through everything step by step of vehicle financing in Golden, BC.


Looking at your personal finances is the crucial first step before you determine if you want to finance a vehicle. It is important to look at your income, your budget and what you can afford. These factors will give you a great understanding of what you should be spending and aiming to spend a month. You may also want to look at your own personal credit score, as this can give you an understanding of what kind of finance rate you could get. With these numbers in mind, come talk to our finance team at Kicking Horse Ford and we can figure out the best options for your vehicle financing.


For those of you who want to upgrade your vehicle more often, vehicle leasing in Golden is the way to go. You can sign a shorter-term lease with a low interest rate that allows you to switch out your vehicle at the end date. Though you’re still responsible for all scheduled maintenance and repairs, leasing is for those who want the latest and greatest.


One of the best ways to improve your credit score is by financing a vehicle. This might seem a little counter intuitive, but over a third of your credit score is made from your payment history. This means with every payment you successfully make your credit score will increase. If you keep making your payments on time and in full, you will start to see a dramatic increase in your credit score.

At the end of the day, even if you have bad credit or no credit you may be able to qualify for a vehicle loan. Even though it might be at a higher interest rate, the increase in your credit score is worth it. Come into kicking Horse Ford today and talk to our financial experts about what financing could mean for you and your credit score.


What are you waiting for? Get started with financing your vehicle today! Our online credit application makes it easy to begin your application for vehicle financing in Golden, BC at Kicking Horse Ford. We offer Ford vehicle financing in Golden, and for the Revelstoke, Canmore, Invermere and Calgary areas.