I have had an overheating problem in my Prius. I have taken it to 5 other auto repair shops in the past 6 months, including a Toyota dealer. All 5 times the shops charged me for parts and labor and said “the overheating issue was fixed”. None of these 5 failed attempts were successful.

I took the Prius into Kicking Horse Ford. They gave me a nice loaner car while I waited for the part to come in and the repair to be completed. Super convenient for me.

These people at this Service Department (including the mechanics) are very, very busy with repair orders. Stacks and stacks of orders.

They not only completed my repair a week earlier than I thought. But for the first time in 6 months my Prius runs like normal without me worrying the engine is about to blow up! Amazing magic.

The mechanic/technician even took the time in their busy schedule to show me my old water pump to show how it was damaged.

In these times of bleak customer care Kicking Horse Ford’s service Department and mechanics/technicians are exceptional.